Installation IPTV Skybox / Openbox

How to Install IPTV file on Openbox v7 & v8

What we need to complete this tutorial:
1. A usb key in Fat32 format.
2. A desktop or laptop computer.
3. Your subscription file or IPTV test.
4. An Internet connection.

Once your Box is connected to your Internet network, go back to the menu and look for the WebTV option as in the image below

Then Click WebTV like the picture below

Then you made Ok and you enter WebTV, you may find channels already integrated in your box

Delete channels that do not work, just click on the Green button « Del All » ( Tout Supprimer ) and confirm by pressing Ok « Yes »

Then we will have the empty WebTV like in this picture

You will now put the IPTV file in the box.
Rename the m3u file like this: « WebTV.m3u ».
Now connect your usb key to your computer and send the WebTV.m3u file you just renamed and copy it to the usb key
Then connect your usb key to the usb port of your receiver, then come back to WebTV and click on the button Yellow from your remote control « Read by usb »

A message is displayed « Now Read WebTV.m3u by USB » ( File currently playing )

Wait for a message to notify you that the file has been sent successfully

Finally test your channels, go back and come back to WebTV.